Sulphur River Reservoir Maps

Here are proposed maps of the Marvin Nichols Reservoir(s) on Sulphur River.
More information and commentary will follow in the future. Roberto

Note that the Mexia-Talco Earthquake Fault Line (in light gray, east to west) is located directly underneath the proposed Marvin Nichols I Reservoir Dam. This poses a potential danger to the dam. Although in my life I have never experienced a local earthquake due to shifting along this fault line, nevertheless there are minor tremors on a continual basis, leading to constant road repair-work on Texas Highway 71 and US Highway 259.

This is an overview of the general Northeast Texas area. The section inside the blue square is enlarged in the next image. These maps were prepared by the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department. The above mileage scale applies to the following map, I think; but it may not be "exactly" accurate.

The final map below is a rough-draft drawing of the locations of both Marvin Nichols I and Marvin Nichols II Reservoirs. The placement of the dam for Marvin Nichols II in this drawing is slightly incorrect. Nevertheless, it appears that Sugar Hill will be inaccessible from both De Kalb and Mount Pleasant, unless one detours northwards on US Highway 271 to Talco and then goes east on Highway 71 to Sugar Hill and (hopefully) Evergreen at the very eastern end of this little "peninsula" that sticks out between the two abominable reservoirs. The whole White Oak Creek bottomland north of Mount Pleasant on the Sugar Hill Road will be flooded, unless they put in some sort of new and higher bridge than they have at present. There are so many peripheral problems with these proposed reservoirs, they should just be abandoned as impossible things.

One is reminded of that famous passage from ALICE IN WONDERLAND, in which Alice is conversing with the Queen, and I paraphrase. Alice closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Then she laughed. "It's impossible!" she cried to the Queen. "One can't believe impossible things!" The Queen frowned at Alice. "Well," she scoffed, "I daresay that you haven't had much practice trying. Why, when I was your age, I could believe six impossible things before breakfast!"

Marvin Nichols I & II